This Is A PSA( A Pearl Service Announcement)

You Are Not Responsible For My Happiness!

You do not need to buy me extravagant gifts; no Gucci or Birkin bags, no red bottom shoes, no Bugatti.

You do not need to take me to far away places; no south of France, no Dubai, no Turks and Caicos islands.

You do not have to sing me a beautifully composed love song(but, if you do I won't complain)

Or, take me out on the town so we can dance the night away like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers(and don't say…who?)

Just don’t make me unhappy! Don't add any unnecessary misery!

Try your best not to do things that make me sad, or angry. This shouldn't be too hard as I am not easily angered, or made to be saddened easily.

I am responsible for seeking out and doing the things that could possibly bring me joy. And the same applies to you.

Humans make love so much more difficult than it has to be. They make almost all relationships seem so untenable. It really just comes down to showing the attitude, the feelings, the trust, and the love you want for yourself, but it is given to someone else.

Reciprocity is the key!

You are not responsible for my happiness!

I just ask that you not be the one who is responsible for my Unhappiness!

End of Announcement. Feel free to return to your regularly scheduled life.

I love music, singing, and dancing. Striving to know myself and others through exploring the psychology of mind and life.