Okay, so I'm perusing the internet, checking my news feed for something interesting, something of substance to read about. As I read one story then the next, I come across an article posted by “The Root” with a by-line from Kalyn Womack. Apparently or allegedly, however you would like to look at it, (got to be careful about stating facts that are not clearly known), “Newsweek” ran a story about a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan. I am not explicitly familiar with mister Rogan; I believe at one time he was involved with MMA fighting, or something to that nature. The podcast which I have not listened to, nor do I care to listen to, supposedly at some point was directed towards who should be able to refer to themselves as “Black.”

Again, apparently or allegedly there was a guest speaker on the podcast. The speaker was Professor Jordan Peterson; widely known to have some interesting, if not controversial opinions on everything. I am not completely clear as to why, or what lead to the conversation of how “black” you need to be to call yourself “Black”, but it somehow came about, and here we are.

It never ceases to amaze me the level of foolishness that mankind will seek to receive attention, the antics that people are willing to commit themselves to, the topics of conversations that people will bring up to either get a rise out of a group of people, or the limits that they are willing to go to- to outright start a major kerfuffle.

I posted a comment a few weeks ago to a story written by Jeremy Helligar, titled: “The Most Annoying Misconceptions That White People Have About Black People.” In my comment I asserted that I was always taken aback by the notion that many people of non-color, vis-a’-ve “white people” seem to be determined to think that we as people of color have this infinite amount of time to spend pondering over their lives, and not trying to live our own. The ideas they have that we are obsessed with them and their travails. They in turn seem to think that we have the same vigor and vim that they possess when trying to discombobulate the lives of others. This often brings to mind a song by Stevie Wonder- “You Haven't Done Nothing.” (Circa 1974) Some of the lyrics are as follows; “We are amazed but not amused by all the things you say that you’ll do, though much concerned but not involved with decisions that are made by you. But we are sick and tired of hearing your song, telling how you are gonna change right from wrong.’ Cause if you really want to hear our views, you haven't done nothing. It’s not too cool to be ridiculed but you brought this upon yourself. The world is tired of pacifiers we want the truth and nothing else.” Bravo, Mr. Wonder. Truth, and nothing but the truth!

What makes these two gentlemen think that we as African Americans, or as I prefer to call myself and others; “Black people,” really care what they think about how we distinguish ourselves in this universe? Who voted these two people to the position of ethnicity management? They do not qualify in my opinion. Resumé denied! My dear fine fellows please take several seats!! History has reminded us that being called “Black” was a moniker that was bestowed upon us by their ancestors to delineate “us” from “them,” so after hundreds of years of being called everything from colored, negro, coon, nigger, and a plethora of other negative designations now we are being told we are “not black enough” to be considered “Black” people. How many times do I have to keep clutching my pearls? As the alleged story was told we were not close enough to the equator and our skin not kissed enough by the sun to really be “Black People.” I guess according to them we can be African, we can be American, but we ain’t African enough to be “Black!?” We were told in the not-too-distant past that even one drop of “black blood” in a person would deem them to be the dreaded “Black” person. Again, please find your seats, sit in them, and remove yourselves from this conversation.

As I write this piece there is a possible imminent war between Russia and the Ukraine. You may say what does that have to do with America, or “Black” people, well I’ll tell you; there are approximately eight thousand or more American servicemembers who are being told that they may have to deploy, including some, you get it, “Black people” leaving their families and their current lives, risking their safety and security to help ensure that this will be as fair a war (if that possibility exist) as possible. So therein lies the quandary. I would be remiss in not mentioning all the awful, but apparently not unlawful things that are going on in this country; jerry rigging of state lines and redistricting maps to influence and undercut the voting rights of individual states. Appointed and elected officials doing all they can to suppress to thoughts and wills of minorities. Human trafficking, poverty, racism, and how could we possibly forget, we are still in a whole pandemic! (of course, they had things to say about that also) A time full of lies, innuendo, and misinformation to keep people from making informed decisions concerning theirs, and other peoples’ health care needs.

So, in the final words of this writing, I will tell those of you who feel the need to tell “Black” people that we are not “black enough” to use the term “Black” to describe ourselves I say: please help find some answers, some workable solutions to the problems that I have spoken of above. Please use your powers for good and not evil. And most of all please stop dictating upon others the things of which you have no authority to dictate! I am sure that if you do these things, you will have plenty on your plates; enough to keep you busy without imposing your silly rhetoric on us!!




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