A Treacherous Heart (R’s song)

I’ve spent so many years yearning to know who you were, what you were, how you were.

So many months longing for an embrace, your embrace, a trace of what was, a feeling, a glimmer of what I thought was so real.

So many weeks…

Sometimes the glass is just not half full, sometimes there's barely a tablespoon to speak of . Trying to convince someone who is struggling to find an answer that they should just perk up and be happy is cruel. Be positive if you like, but don't use your positivity to denounce those who are not that, at any given moment.

Love and relationships should be reciprocal. Most would not normally put up with a friendship where they did most of the giving, and the other person only took. This is even more important in a romantic pairing.

Even though many commenters are saying; it's not about privilege, it is. Women have a tendency to give too much, expect too little, and then expect the man to be ready to support their needs. Selfish love is no love at all. You have the privilege to love me as I need to loved, or leave me as you found me. You don't have a right to take what you need, but leave me with unfulfilled needs that you have no intentions of supplying.

I totally agree with your initial assessment of failed relationships. It is often because people don't really get to know their partners well. My only qualm is it seems these days that even if you date for a year, or three; people will switch up on you. That person that you grew to love and admire turns out to be someone that you can't see spending a lifetime with.

It's so much more difficult and complicated than it should be. Not sure if there is a workable solution. Good list to ponder for either sex. Thanks.

"As Black women we will not be mules so please stop asking what we bring to the table." Indeed!

If you have to ask that, then I'm not bringing it to you. My value would be obvious to anyone who I allow to experience it. Thanks for your writing.

Pearl Carpenter

I love music, singing, and dancing. Striving to know myself and others through exploring the psychology of mind and life.

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